Since 1947 when we established this company ,we do our business as the leading wholesaler in the automotive field by dealing with truck body materials, automotive parts and accessories with the corporate principle of "Sincerity" and has sought to offer appealing products that meet our customers' needs from the customers' point of views. In addition , we have been working together to respond customers' request seriously.

Today, the circumstances that surround automotive industry have entered a phase of great transformation both domestically and internationally.

The reduction of environmental impact and resource saving are implemented globally including Japan.
Under these circumstances,we strive to do our business as sensible business persons in all of our business activities and continue to focus on customer satisfaction through untiring self-development,
We will continue to change ourselves "to be a company contributing to the society as well.
We sincerely hope for your input and support in the future.

Kazuhiro Kobayashi / President

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