Quality and Environmental Policy

We strive to improve customers' satisfaction in our all business activities through the improvement of business process quality based on ISO9001 by building and promoting the quality management system. We follow the quality policies described below.

Quality Policy

We pursue the customer's satisfaction through anticipating diverse social needs and showing our creativity as a trading company specialized in automotive materials and parts.

We contribute to the sustainable development of society through environmental conscious products by continuously improving management as a business forerunner.

To achieve the quality policy ,we implement the following measures.

1. We define the framework of quality policy and make an effort to achieve them. Then we
  re-examine them and strive to improve the quality.
2. We train our human resources to develop new products to meet customers' needs.
3. We pursue the technological innovation through creativity and improvement.
4. We promote the continuous improvement of products and management system through grasping
  diversified needs.
5. We tackle environmental friendly social challenges such as eco friendly energy, resources saving
  and recycle activities.

Environment Policy

As we understand the environmental impact related to the business activities. We shall strive for promoting the continuous reduction of the environment impact and the prevention of environmental contamination by creating and maintaining an environmental management system.

Activity Policy

Considering above mentioned environmental policy

To reduce power consumption by using power efficiency.
To reduce industrial waste through sorting and recycling.
To reduce the consumption of paper for business usage
Green procurement
To utilize renewable energy effectively , we introduce solar power generation system from June 2014.
Appropriate management of various chemical substance

Efforts on European RoHS directive

Environmental protection is one of the most important issues in corporate management for the company. Currently, we are making efforts to contribute to the development of a sustainable society while maximizing corporate value. We are actively promoting the elimination of harmful substances in the product from the RoHS Directive.

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